Most folks love getting things for free. Conversely, most don’t so much love giving things away for free. How about those extra ounces you’re putting into each bag? Giving a little extra is fine, as long as you know the cost. If your current bag filling accuracy has you overshooting your 50-pound bag weight by 2 ounces, that translates into 80 extra ounces per bulk bag. Soooo, if you bag 100,000 units per season, that translates into 12,500 pounds of FREE SEED that you are giving away. I need you to do your own math using the value and volume of your seed product.

We manufacture and represent a lot of things that are not free, but the R.O.I. impact of their performance kind of makes them free. If your current method of bulk filling lacks speed, accuracy, or repeatability, then you might want to consider an upgrade. Most floor scales, because of their larger weighment capability and lack of a bulk-dribble cycle, may translate to more free seed given away. It doesn’t matter if you call it mini-bulk, soft side, jumbo bag, super sack, bulk bag, tote box, cubit, pro-box, black box, hard side, It’s the same deal. An upgrade essentially becomes “free” filling equipment that continues to pay you back year after year.

How could these features and options help your bulk filling operation?

  • No-pinch fill gate means that you won’t crush seeds with each gate close
  • Bulk – dribble gate for consistently accurate bag fill weight
  • Inflatable neck seal that secures the bag top and prevents dust release
  • Bag inflator blower so you don’t need to hold the bag corners out until filling starts
  • Adjustable bag strap hangers to suit your bag size
  • Dust control hood for box filling takes away nuisance dust issues
  • Integral surge bin that recharges as the filled bag or box is changed out
  • Bulk or net weigh, bag settling, bag lifting, auto strap release, pallet dispenser, slip sheet dispenser, box de-nest, filled unit conveying, duplex capacity units, refuge blending

I’m not calling bag fill systems free, but if you do the R.O.I. payback math, they kind of are. You can learn more by contacting your equipment supplier.

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