Seed Research Dryers

Versatile Small Lot Seed Research Dryers.

Drying is a critical part of every grower and producers operation. Accuracy and adaptability is key to preserving the integrity of your high value product. Whether it be seed corn, beans, flowers, hemp, or various other products, our small batch modular drying system are the solution. Our systems are designed with a small footprint, and stacking tote boxes that offer unmatched flexibility for your operation. Our burner blower unit is self contained with the control panel, fan, burner and gas valve train on a skid. A bolt on plenum connects it to any number of bases that can precisely meter airflow into any number of stacking tote boxes. The seed tote boxes are heavy gauge steel and feature fork pockets and weather-tight lids to ensure your product stays clean and dry. Multiple drive, gas, and control options are available. Contact O’Mara today for your product drying needs.

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Research Dryer Features:

Stackable tote boxes
Weather tight tote box and plenum lids
LP or natural gas
Pressure gauges at each station
Modular with the ability to upsize at a later date
Easy slide adjustable louvers at each station
Exceptional guarding where needed
Various drive and starter options
Touchscreen or pushbutton panels
Stainless steel construction optional
Forkable and stackable tote boxes
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