Pan Idler Belt Conveyors

Bulk Material Masters.

Moving bulk materials up to a 30° incline and keeping them contained at the same time is where the pan idler series shines. Ideal for anything from small grains and free flowing product to larger bulk products like ear corn, husks, and cobs, these conveyors love to work. We design and manufacture these in house to the strictest quality standards. Strong enough for industrial use while being gentle enough for seed, this line of conveyors can really do it all. With sidewalls to help contain your products, and various long length options and incline capabilities, these truly are versatile. Featuring our standard powder coat finish, heavy gauge construction and years of experience moving high value product, we are confident you won’t find a better conveyor. At O’Mara Ag, we are Built for Seed.

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Standard Conveyor Features:

Drive and take up terminals are fabricated from 7 gauge steel, intermediate sections are 12 gauge
Welded construction with 30° trough angle and 1.9" galvanized return idlers
Return idler spaced at 60" O.C. and double punched for belt tracking
Load idlers spaced 12" O.C. and double punched for belt tracking
All bottom flanges turned in at 45° and all spreader angles inverted to eliminate ledges that can catch product
Various belting available to suit your application
Direct coupled drives to eliminate belts, pinch points and maintenance
Crowned and vulcanized rough top lagged head pulleys in most sizes
Exceptional guarding from the factory

Optional Conveyor Features:

Galvanized hip-roof top weather covers
Formed steel or expanded metal bottom covers
Discharge chutes, lined and unlined
Belt skirting
Reversing center drives
Over and under-slung gravity take-ups
Belt loaders
Inlet boxes and receiving hoppers
Inside and outside radius bend wedges
Structural supports and indexing frames with drives
Stainless steel construction
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