Product Loading Boxes

Mess free conveyor loading made easy

Properly feeding a conveyor can be challenging. From adjusting the flow to match the conveyor capacity and speed, to centering the product on the belt, it can be tricky. Meet the O’Mara product loading boxes. With numerous sizes available and plenty of flow adjustment, these are your long term solution to feeding conveyor lines. Our load boxes will handle almost any product type, from fines and dust to large and chunky commodities. They can be adapted to almost any conveyor or product line. With infeed adjustment as simple as the turn of a knob and the ability to be completely shut off to stop flow, they will make metering your product line easy, reliable and efficient. Our boxes excel in a variety of industries including petrochemical, seed, grain, pet products, hemp and more.


Powder coat finish
Viewing window
Easy adjust flow knob
No ledges for product to hang up


Stainless steel construction
UHMW or urethane lining
Abrasion resistant steel construction
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