Bag Slitter

Versatile Automated Bag Slitters.

Re-bagging and packaging can be a messy and dangerous process. But it doesn’t have to be. Meet the O’Mara Automated Bag Slitter. This versatile machine takes the mess and danger out of your re-bagging and slitting process. Our heavy duty automated slitters are excellent for multi-wall paper bags and other types as well. Common uses are Seed, grain, edibles, litter, and other various agricultural and industrial media types. With fully adjustable conveyor speed, gap, and blade depth, bag slitting has never been this easy. During design, safety was made a priority. The result was a machine that is fully guarded, and removes almost all of the human interaction with the process. The benefits speak for themselves: Less employee interaction, low dust, automatic hopper feeding, faster bag unloading, and increase to your productivity and bottom line.  Whether you need to discard old product, re-bag mislabeled products, or any reason in between, our automated bag slitter will perform for you. With numerous load/unload options and stand and mounting options to fully integrate into your space, our bag slitter is your solution.

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Standard Slitter Features:

Reduces the work and mess from re-bagging
Excellent for re-bagging multi-wall paper bags
Adjustable belt gaps, cutting wheel, and bag roller
Self-cleaning construction
Removable safety enclosure
Integral dust control ports
Standard viewing windows
Spare cutting wheel included
Standard support legs
Durable powder coat finish
Elevated service access available
Heavy duty construction
Built in hopper with optional flanges and transitions
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