Belt Tripper Bin Filling Systems

Make quick work of Inline Bulk Filling.

Filling bins and dryers has never been easier. Introducing the O’Mara Ag line of conveyor belt trippers. Available in several styles including gravity cross flow, and cross conveyor style they can be used for filling multiple bin locations or discharging along the length of a conveyor. Integrated versatility means they can be used for transporting small free flowing product such as seed, grain, and feed and also larger products including ear corn, husks, silage and waste materials. These can be paired with one of our production dryers to make batch filling bins easy, or integrated into your facility to work for your needs. Our units are built to last with heavy-duty materials, premium rollers, pulleys, bearings, and exceptionally guarded for safety. Catwalks, hand railing and platforms and operator stations can also be built in. Most times these units can be shipped complete to minimize install time and cost. No matter what product you need to move, or where you need to unload it, we have a belt conveyor tripper that will work for you.

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Standard Tripper Features:

Twin and tri-roller designs
Crowned bend pulleys for easy belt tracking
Modular design for easy in field installation and assembly
Tripper cart frame fabricated with 3 x 3 tubular steel
Motorized tripper cart with dual matched brake motors and right angle gear reducers
Stationary center drive for shuttle conveyor to minimize weight transfer
Exceptional guarding throughout entire unit
Cross conveyors fabricated with robust 4 x 8 steel tubing

Optional Tripper Features:

Motorized indexing reversing shuttle cross conveyor
Side discharge chutes for single or ambidextrous discharge from the tripper
UHMW or Rhino Hyde lined discharge chutes
Cross over platform, ladders, and operators deck
Motorized belt letdown assemblies available for cushioned seed dryer fill
Belt misalignment and speed sensors
Outriggers with v-groove or smooth wheels
Stainless steel or galvanized construction
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