I love hunting. I used to do much more of it when I was younger and had more free time. Today’s young hunters have to take a training course in order to get their license to hunt. In my early days, I would have just grabbed Dad’s gun while he was at work and go hunting. I may have actually stumbled onto some success with a squirrel or rabbit. I didn’t have a hunting license and I didn’t so much as care about having one. There are parallels from my hunting experience in industry.

A manufacturer’s first products can have similar beginnings. They begin by selling something and then deciding to build it themselves, without asking Dad, and without a hunting license. Like hunting, their small, initial successes put a fire in their belly. Their want for larger trophies keeps them going. When a company manufactures products, adding features and benefits that aren’t available from others may create the fire for more success. Improved quality and shortened lead time are drivers .

Some of the belt conveyor and bucket elevator products that we manufacture could be on their fifth generation or more. These product iterations may have been driven by better safety features, by increased capacity, by new ideas, by manufacturability, by appeal to our end users, by innovative changes in their features or by new technology. The equipment we make has the features we would want for the equipment we would use in our own plants.

These are the larger trophies for us. We keep an eye toward constant improvement. We look for the features and benefits that you need, as indicated by the feedback we receive. By listening, by watching, by testing the wind, by following the tracks, by looking at the sign, by training ourselves, by taking a shot, by our success stories, I am glad to say that we have been able to earn our “License to Hunt.”

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