As a youngster, I received a gift of a put-it-together radio kit which may have helped to inspire the fix it, inventor, and have-to-take-it-apart aspects of my personality. For my grandson Ethan’s recent birthday, I gave him an electronics kit that had 30 or so possible circuits that he could build. I felt like a champ when he opened the gift and started right away reading the instructions and putting things into place for his first project. Then I felt like a heel as I simultaneously saw a note on the box and said out loud, “Batteries not included”, oh my gosh I thought. Ethan piped up with, “Don’t worry Grandpa, we’ve got batteries for days”. I’m still laughing about that comment. My thoughts ran along the lines of, “Where do kids get this stuff ? But I didn’t voice that because it might make me sound like someone’s grandpa.

All this got me to thinking about the things we build and how complete we make them. The bucket elevators, belt conveyors, screw conveyors, bulk bagging equipment, and many other things we make all have incidental parts and pieces. Unless you specifically ask us to leave something out, we include it. We provide belt loaders, discharge chutes, and companion flanges to make the chute feeding your next piece of equipment easier to install. There will be motors, drives, and safety guarding. You will have both ends of tailshafts drilled and tapped for rotation sensing.

There will be fully assembled heads and tails along with drives that can be assembled on either side if you picked wrong on the first try. There will be top covers, belting and- versatile dust control features. The whole package will be crated and secured to skidding to ease the loading and unloading process and thwart shipping damage.You get it, right? Complete stuff! We’ve got bucket elevators, belt conveyors, and screw conveyors for days, and I promise, if our equipment needs batteries, WE’VE GOT BATTERIES FOR DAYS.

I wonder if I now need to buy an old fix-it-up car for Ethan to work on?

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