I stood on the sidelines giving cheers to the runners participating in a local half marathon that routes close to my house. Egad, probably 10,000 or 20,000 doing this I thought to myself. I’m no runner, something about “my knee hurts from an old volleyball thing,”but I do respect the effort and prep that folks put in.

Everyone notices different things of the runners, big ones, little ones, short ones, tall ones, fat ones, skinny ones, different paces and styles, groups pushing each other, and so on. This day I really noticed the brightly colored gear that some groups were wearing and felt some inspiration. As a businessman in a competitive manufacturing and construction market, I want us to stand out.

How Do You Stand Out In A Crowd ?

  • Thanks for customizing that for us, it fits like a glove
  • It worked just like your drawing showed
  • You really listened to our needs
  • That thing handles way more product than we expected
  • Wow, everything arrived in one piece, that skidding was fantastic
  • Look, I’ve got all my fingers and toes, great job of guarding
  • The right belting in that conveyor lets it start on the coldest mornings
  • Your conveyor is so smooth we don’t even know it’s running
  • We can fill mini-bulks and hard sides twice as fast as we used to
  • Your seed corn dryer went together so fast with the pre-built roof and floor structures
  • Our local bearing house carries all the same parts as you use, no downtime, yay !
  • I’m glad you included the belt loader, every kernel gets there
  • Our installer is good with the big stuff; your equipment makes him look good at the detail stuff
  • Those storage bins were set in less than three hours, pre-built really made sense

I don’t record these things, but I do hear them. They sure stick in my brainpan and make me feel good. Putting the effort, prep, and design features into our products and systems is what makes them stand out in a crowd!

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