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Screw Conveyors

Our Screw Conveyors set the industry standard for bulk material handling. With reliability and safety designed integrally, our screw conveyors are your go to choice to transfer almost any material. A cost effective and flexible option, these versatile units can be built to handle any environment. Covering a broad range of industries and applications, these cost effective units become an integral part of your operation. Whether you are limited by space, budget, speed, product, or installation constraints, a screw conveyor can be the perfect solution.

Standard Feature include:

  • Direct coupled drive units
  • Powdercoat finish
  • Bearings, Shafts, and Pinch Points exceed guarding requirements
  • Heavy duty formed and welded construction
  • Made in the USA
  • All Zinc Plated Hardware

Options include:

  • Various Lengths and sizes
  • Stainless Construction
  • Finish colors
  • Discharge and inlet locations
  • Food grade
  • Covers
  • Reversing function

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Indexing Top Covers

Inquire about our automated solution to opening and closing your conveyor covers when moving product.

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Belt Loaders

Avoid leakage or spillage and attain maximum efficiency when loading your conveyor belts.

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Utilize indexing covers, loaders, and more to increase efficiency along your conveyor line.

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Custom Conveyors

Partner with O’Mara to custom-engineer a conveyor built for your unique specifications.

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Gravity Take-Ups

Create excessive belt stretch or additional belt tension with gravity take-up assemblies on conveyors.

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Live Roller Conveyors

Carefully handle your live product and minimize loss along your manufacturing process.

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High-Capacity Grain/Fertilizer Conveyors

Troughed roller, open frame design is ideal for handling high volumes of bulk materials in continuous, severe duty applications.

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Batch Treater Drying Conveyors

Improve the flow of your freshly-treated seed or grain product.

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Tripper-Fill Systems

Fill multiple bins or discharge materials along a conveyor’s length.

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A stationary Dual-Roller Conveyor from O’Mara is sure to move all types of bulk materials in an ideal fashion.

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Stationary roller bed belt conveyors are the ideal choice for handling all types of bulk materials.

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Round Bottom Conveyor

Convey free-flowing materials with a round bottom trough design to contain your product and prevent leakage.

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Pan Idler

Handle and contain all types of bulk materials at inclines of up to 30 degrees.

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