Bulk Fill Systems

Automated Bulk Bag Fill Systems.

Bulk bag filling can be a messy and cumbersome process. Let O’Mara make it easy for you. Our fully automated bulk fill systems are designed for fast, consistent and accurate filling, weighing and transferring. With the versatility to fill both bulk bags and boxes, our bulk fill systems will meet your product filling needs. Available built in scales and weight indicators, along with user adjustable programming allows you to adjust for various products on the fly. Most of our bulk fill systems come assembled and programmed ready to start work on day one. Dust is no longer a problem with our neck sealing systems that adjust to fill the size of the bag opening. Safety and automation is built in with bag and box sensing, emergency shutoffs, guarding where required and more. Our long list of features and options ensure we have a unit that truly is the best fit for your operation. Let O’Mara handle your bulk fill needs and we promise, you’ll be glad you did.

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Bulk Filler Features:

Overlapping bulk/dribble gate prevents seed damage
Net weigh or load cells
Bag inflation neck seal
Manual start option
Dust collection ports
Adjustable bag hangers
Optional pneumatic bag strap release
10CFM/80PSI pneumatic controls
Bag settling automation option
Bag or box infeed/outfeed conveying available
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