I have learned a lot in 50 years, and some things have taken me 50 years to learn. Those were the words from an Indiana seedsman, a long term customer and a great friend, Bob Hubner. He was excitedly explaining all the changes he might make to the “new to him” seed corn facility just acquired. His excited anticipation for changes was immediately followed by another statement I will never forget: “One of the things I’ve learned in those 50 years is to not change things until I try them”. These are wise words from a wise man. They say that good decisions come from wisdom, that wisdom comes from experience, and that experience comes from bad decisions. Seems true, eh?

I feel that I learn something from everyone I meet and everything I do. Sometimes it is how to be, sometimes it is how to not to be. It may be a bit of O.C.D., but I am also blessed (or cursed) with trying to find a more efficient way in everything I do. Years ago, my company formed its board comprised of the people who treat this business as their own business: they care that things are done right. We use all of our wisdom, experience and experiences from bad decisions to form go-forward plans for most everything we do.

More of what 50 years have taught me:

• Select the best equipment based upon value rather than price

• A couple of bucks more can get you more capacity or automation that can help you hire fresh talent or train new talent on your process

• Remember the all-important service access or ability to service equipment

• Take a futuristic look at things so as not to build yourself into a corner

• Use your wisdom based upon your experience to guide your choices

• After close to 40 years in this business, I’m starting to get the hang of this seed equipment thing. I am doing my best every day to not change things until I try them

• Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

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