We don’t actually have acres, our “acres” are seed plant projects and seed equipment, and yes, I don’t mind admitting that they were less than we had hoped for in 2019. We stayed the course, we didn’t hit the panic button, or maybe we did, and the damn thing was just broken?

Within the last week, I had a conversation with Shawn Brook, you know, Shawn, that inspirational publisher of Seed World. I related some of our 2019 experiences. Shawn apparently hears a lot of similar stories and commented back on the remarkable resilience of the seed business to bounce back from change and adversity. Is it the national economy? Is it the seed economy? Is it the weather? Is it the tariffs? Is it the fence-sitting to see how the latest consolidation shakes out? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

For O’Mara Ag, it seems we need to pay attention to the products and services we do best and to put forth our best efforts in marketing them. We can’t always control what happens, but we can control how we react to it. When things are slow, we sometimes find ourselves doing busy work, and we all know that staying busy and making money are two different things. We’d rather be making the monies.

I would like for you to use my expertise, to use my team expertise, to use our manufacturing expertise, to make your equipment work better. How about that conveyor belt that won’t track, that belting that is too stiff to work in cold weather, that breaker that trips out when your conveyor or elevator is overloaded, that seed that spills or gets damaged by mechanical handling, that separator that won’t separate. I’m happy to help you decide what’s worth fighting for. Call and ask. It doesn’t hurt too bad, I promise.

As I sit here this Friday afternoon penning a “just in time” article for Joe Funk to edit, I do have some rocket fuel. 2020 has started well and already looks amazing for us. I’m even excited about Monday. I heard that sharks don’t complain about Mondays. They’re up early, biting things, chasing stuff, being scary, and reminding everyone that they’re a shark. Be a shark!

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